Robert and Tarani Laurie with “PR” IMPKing’s Omega


We are extremely happy to be the proud “parents” of our little Omega (birth name Bishop). Everywhere we go with him we literally stop people  in their tracks, (whether driving or walking). He is truly one of a kind, but another magnificent IMPKing’s Production. Thank you so very much! 

We couldn’t imagine life without our little “Buddy”. We love him!

Forever grateful,

~Robert and Tarani Laurie



Angela with “PR” IMPKing’s Bambino



Discovering IMPKings in the early 2010 was and continues to be one of the most positive experiences  of our lives. The IMPKings organization, its quality individuals, our Blue Bully, Bambino, and even other IMPKing clients and their Bullies, have become an integral part of our life. The people and the Bullies  associated with IMPKings are an extended family that we feel very blessed to be a part of. 


 A few years prior to finding IMPKings, we had the idea to rescue a Pit Bull. After volunteering at a  local animal shelter and many conversations, we came to theconclusion that as first time dog owners, we did not feel we possessed the knowledge or experience to rehabilitate the dogs we met at the shelter. We wanted  ourdog toenhanceour time spent with friends and family, not to pose a risk to them.

After reading through the IMPKings website, speaking with Sean Bennett, and spending time with his Bullies, we knew our search was over. Sean, his family, and the IMPKing organization could not have been more patient and generous with their time throughout the selection process. You will not find another Breeder who is more committed to finding the “right fit” for its clients and it’s dogs. IMPKings has a vast network of happy clients who were more than happy to talk with us, and even allow us to meet them and their Bullies before we made our final decision. Almost a year later,Sean and IMPKings make themselves readily available to discuss ways we can provide Bambino with the best health and quality of life possible. IMPKings are committed to their Bullies and their clients for life. 

Since, bringing Bambino home in February 2010, he continues to exceed our expectations every day. His rock solid temperament and outgoing personality elevate him to local celebrity status allowing us to talk to and connect with dozens of people a day who gather around Bambino and want to meet and pet him no matter where we go. It feels good to share Bambino’s amazing qualities with other people and allow them to experience the joy and laughter a well bred, properly excercised, disciplined, and loved large breed dog can provide. Bambino is a member of our family and a constant companion that joins us no matter where we go. 

IMPKings, thank you for what you do for your clients and your Bullies!  

With all of our love, 

Enrico, Angela, & Bambino

Hector with “PR” IMPKing’s Zion

Zion is not my dog, but my son! The joy that he brings to me is priceless. Every day I come home from work and before I do anything I give him the same love and excitement he gives me. For Zion, I do anything. I make him his own meals, hangs out with me every second possible and always think of him. 

Along with being the best companions, Imperial Kingdom Blue Bullies are the most aesthetically pleasing dogs. Zion is a show stopper! Everywhere I go he is always the center of attention. Everyone knows Zion and everyone knows me as Zion’s owner, not as Hector. They are beauty to even non-dog lovers.

I am the proudest of proud owners of an Imperial Kingdom dog and will always support and recommend Imperial Kingdom as one of the elite Breeders of the Bully Breed! ~ Hector E. Bones




Aubree with IMPKing’s Rain 

We were very fortunate to find Imperial Kingdom Blue Bullies after the sudden death of one of our dogs. We
decided to bring another member into our family and after seeing the puppies and meeting Sean, Raquel and
some of the crew we were positive we found the perfect dog for our family.               
We chose a female because we had a male at home already.  We were concerned with the introduction of the dogs and
through numerous phone calls, emails, etc… Sean answered all of our questions and helped us feel confident that everything
would go smoothly (which it did). 

We are very happy that we made Princess Rain part of our family and we consider IMPKings to be a part of our extended family.
Everywhere we go with Rain people always comment on how beautiful she is and how AMAZING her color is. 

We’ve found that with Imperial Kingdom Blue Bullies its not just the purchase of a dog, but it’s a LIFE EXPERIENCE!!
We are very glad that we found them. 
~ L.J. Amy and Aubree