Here at Imperial Kingdom, we pride ourselves on producing and providing the Ultimate Blue Bully family companion. In order to achieve that goal, it’s vital to have a program based on solid females that meet breed standards in every possible way. Our belief is that the female when reproducing accounts for 65% of the reproductive process, which makes it imperative that our females have all of the attributes to produce and provide the ULTIMATE BLUE BULLY offspring!

We will always stand behind our babies and we are confident you will see and know why there is no Bully, like a Imperial Kingdom Blue Bully!!

   “PR Bully Republic ‘s MINNIE PEARL aka PIGLET

Bully Republic’s Minnie Pearl Bully Pedia Pedigree:


Multi V-1 Dual/UCI CACIB CH/ UCI CACH CH IMPKing’s Trinity

IMPKing’s Trinity Bully Pedia Pedigree:



 IMPKing’s Zara


 Zara’s Bully Pedia Pedigree coming soon…




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