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Our Mission….

At Imperial Kingdom Blue Bullies, we strive to be respected and admired for our dedication to the Bully Breed and the Bully Breed Standard. Our mission is to honor and respect that standard by showing, training, and socializing our Blue Bullies.Our strategically planned bully breedings are designed to allow prospective clients to experience the same love and enthusiasm we have for this wonderful canine breed.Lastly, it is of vital importance that we meet each and every breed standard by producing and providing our clients with an authentic BULLY! A large number of Bullies in the canine world fail to meet the first-class standards that the American Bully represents. Recognizing only the top producers and correct bully standards will help make this part of our responsibility enjoyable. Whether for show or family companion, we want to share the joy that comes with owning a proper American Blue Bully puppy/ dog. Thanks again for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you!



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